Web Presence

These days establishing your Web Presence means a lot more than developing a website. Before you can hand out your business card with confidence you also need social media properties like Facebook and Twitter, email@yourDomain.com, a mobile strategy, and a few behind the curtain tools to help stay on top of everything.

We take your media kit (fonts, colors, logos, style guides) and build your online presence around it, or we help you develop a media kit from scratch or from existing materials. At some point this moves from establishing a Web Presence into Internet Marketing, but with any Web Presence we make sure your basic Internet Marketing needs are met.

For example even if you aren’t ready for an active Internet Marketing campaign, we’ll still setup Google Analytics on your site so when the time comes you haven’t missed out on all that historical data. And we’ll make sure the social media accounts you do have are setup properly so you won’t have to make a tough transition down the road.

A healthy Web Presence is where a comprehensive Internet Strategy starts. Even with this service alone you could hand out a business card with pride. We can even help you design it and get it printed! Then when the growth comes, you’ll have the right foundation to take the next steps.