Now that the Internet revolution is in full swing, everyone needs a digital version of their public face. Here at Jordan Hart Cloud Solutions we make your transition to the digital world as painless as possible. That process starts with a thorough needs assessment, moves through design revisions, and ends up in training and support.

We are more than a web development company, we are a web presence company. These days that includes a lot more than a fancy website. In fact many folks these days opt for a clean simple site and going focus their energy where their customers already are…on social media. Many web development companies just build you a site then leave you to go figure out the Internet on your own.

Our services go much deeper, we can help you figure out which social networks are critical to your business, how to leverage data analytics, how to organize your information and digital assets, and then bring it all together into a well rounded Internet Strategy. A complete strategy would include all four of our servies:

  1. Web Presence: Web development, web hosting, domain acquisition. Our websites are built on WordPress so that you can control the content on your website without any technical skills. 
  2. Internet Marketing: Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google/Facebook Advertising (PPC) including Remarketing, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and most importantly analytics (including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights)
  3. Business Information Systems (varies widely by business): CRM (customer relation management like Salesforce or Zoho), Knowledge Base (internal wiki and/or Google Doc organization strategy), physical and digital asset tracking, talent management (recruiting software), and many more
  4. Help Desk: Technical support for all these services and more, we can make updates to your website, recommend the right app for a need, setup conference/event tech with social integration, produce digital media, and even do Internet Research on the fly.