These four packages represent the most common ways to use our Services. They can be purchased as they are, or we can use them as a place to start as we architect your custom solutions. If you came to this site with an idea in mind, but feel a long way from handing out a business card with confidence, then take a look at the Tech Start Package. Trim it down to the bare minimum and you have the Essentials Package, conversely if you want almost all the Services we offer then consider the Kitchen Sink Package. Cloud Migration is a little different, as its the only package that doesn’t include a website. Here they are broken down:

  1. The Essentials - This is basically a new website, with some organization and supporting social media. What stands out about it is that even though its just the basics, it still includes all the little things you need like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools so that you don’t have any regrets when it’s time to take things to the next level. 
  2. Tech Start - This is the full set of Internet media you need to hand out a business card with confidence, including the business card. Not only do you get the professionally setup website from the Essentials package, but more robust social media, email at your domain, and two design reviews to perfect your content.
  3. Kitchen Sink - This package adds in another design review, additional social media sites (beyond the basic 4 in Tech Start), enhanced organization, and a full Internet Marketing setup including powerful analytics. It also comes with ecommerce and SSL (to enable safe and secure checkout). The Kitchen Sink is our most robust package, and in that way the description is more vague because we spend a lot more time digging into your business model and customizing our services around it. For example you may not need ecommerce, so we may substitute another form of Internet Monetization such as Adsense (this is how you let Google place ads on your site and pay you every time someone clicks).
  4. Cloud Migration - This is our one package without web development. It’s for the company with a website, and with last decades