Internet Marketing

The Internet has reshaped Marketing the way it has reshaped everything else. Now we can be far more connected, data driven, personalized, and for the first time really have a two way conversation with the people we are marketing to. Here are the five pillars of Internet Marketing:

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Posting regularly on Facebook and Twitter is a start, but we go further and implement analytics dashboards, marketing automation, post scheduling, and a host of other tools and technologies that give you the professional edge when it comes to Social Media Marketing. And a strong Social Media strategy offers more than just marketing. It’s also a great way to share resources and collaborate with both colleagues and customers. 
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Now also called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO is the ongoing process of increasing your credibility on the net. Mostly it’s about paying attention to your rank on key search terms, and seeing what moves the dial.
  3. Internet Advertising – Advertising used to be primarily purchased by the page view (CPM – cost per thousand views), until Google took over internet advertising with Adwords and made paying per click the standard (CPC – cost per click or PPC – pay per click). Now you can even bid on a Cost Per Acquisition basis (CPA). We take your advertising goals and translate them to the web, using Adwords to target search, websites and Youtube; Facebook for social, and Adroll for remarketing (which can include Facebook). Remarketing is all the rage these days in Internet Advertising, it is the strategy of advertising specifically to people who have visited a section of your site, or done some specific action there.
  4. Email Marketing – Almost every business has a mailing list, Email Marketing means you have a dynamic system to track leads, allow them to opt in and out, email them by segment, and track the effectiveness with statistics like open rate (the percentage of users we can be relatively sure opened the blast). We also make sure you are with a service that offers trusted servers so your mail blasts don’t end up in spam folders.
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – The first four pillars are about stirring interest and getting people to your site; this final pillar deals with what happens next. This starts by asking the question, “What am I hoping users will do on my site?” then moves on to watching what users actually do. We setup funnels which are paths that users typically take toward your desired actions, and then we analyze and fix what is stopping them from getting there.

These are the five aspects of Internet Marketing leveraged by everyone from Youtube sensessions, to Fortune 500s. Each can be extremely complex, or remain surprisingly simple. We help you decide which aspects are most critical for your business, and create an iterated plan* to scale as you grow. The best thing about Internet Marketing is that for the most part you know what is working, especially if you have a very definable goal like selling a product or capturing a lead. The process is simply an extension of the scientific method, make educated guesses, track the results, adopt what works.

*An iterated plan is a plan designed to be broken down into reasonable steps that build on top of each other. Designing a plan this way let’s you cover all your bases without stalling out overfocusing on one thing. But still keeps you ready to grow your Internet Marketing naturally as your business grows.